This is what fuels my practice, knowing that the world will end.

But DEATH is inevitable, she is clever, you will surely die.

All I’m saying is just maybe, we want to give this a try:

Stop playing immortal. You aren’t god. Nor am I.

It’s alarming. Cause we don’t stop harming,

Endlessly we been fucking with the flow.

Polluting, destroying, deforestation,

Do I dare remind you of more?

Artificial. The pile gets denser.

Trash. Temperature. All lies.

Will it stop? Probably not.

They say TIME will tell.

I fear of a living hell,

Realistic torment.

Soon forgot.

The end.


Junk art is a creative practice that requires scavenging to piece together the puzzle. Making junkyard trips, scouting for bones, and wiring or welding the discarded matter together is Callie Denham’s sculptural process.
This passion started when she enrolled in art during her junior year of high school. The final project in the course was a found object sculpture.  Discovering her love for creating, Denham pursued a degree in art at Berea College.
Denham has had work displayed in Ingen Art Gallery in Bowling Green, KY, the Doris Ulmann Gallery at Berea College, Loudon House in Lexington, Ky and in many homes throughout the states.

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